Emilia Burano

"GIZA" The Gift of the Nile SHEET SET


"Giza" by Emilia Burano...For connoisseurs of fine linens, elegantly finished with hemstitch.

Live the experience of sleeping the Giza dreams bed sheets made in Italy by Emilia Burano

  • Fabric : GIZA Sateen Extra-long staple cotton 100%
  • Look: Luxury, Pearlescent glow
  • Feeling: Unrivaled Silky, Softness, Smooth, ultra soft
  • Weight: Light
  • TC: 700 Superior
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Made in Italy


      Sheet Set included 4 pc: Top sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 Pillows 

      Duvet Set included 4 pc: Duvet cover, 1 fitted sheet, 2 Pillows 


      "Giza" by Emilia Burano

      Egypt has always been the producer country of one of the best qualities of cotton in the world thanks to the particular climatic conditions and fertility of the areas close to the Nile.

      Not all cottons from Egypt are classified as Extra Long Staple because only varieties that have a fiber length greater than 33mm can be classified in this way.

      Among the most renowned qualities of extra-long linden Egyptian cotton is "GIZA" by EMILIA BURANO, with an average length of fibers between 35 and 36 mm.

      In addition to being extremely long, the "GIZA" cotton fibers by EMILIA BURANO are highly uniform and incredibly fine but resistant. The brightness level of 76.6% is also the best among the extra long linden cotton varieties.

      The resulting type of yarn has a smaller diameter, measured by the yarn count, but is simultaneously stronger than yarns produced with other varieties of cotton, thanks to the high tenacity of the fibers.

      Using a finer yarn means that more threads can be used in a certain area of ​​the fabric.

      The number of threads per square inch is called the thread count, and a fabric with a high thread count is soft, compact, shiny and silky.

      The qualities of the fibers and yarns, enhanced by the weaving and finishing processes developed by EMILIA BURANO, result in fabrics with exceptional properties and performance that last over time and improve with use.



      Machine wash in cold water with mild liquid biodegradable detergent without added bleach or whiteners

      Wash dark colors separately.
      Tumble dry on low heat and
      remove while still damp.
      Steam iron on “cotton” setting.


      SHEET SET KING 1 TOP SHEET (CM 290x290 - INC 115”x115”) + FITTED SHEET (CM 200x203 h43 - INC 79”X80” Depth 17”) +2 PILLOWS (CM 51X84 - INC 20”X33”)

      SHEET SET CAL KING 1 TOP SHEET (CM 270x320 - INC 106”X126”) + FITTED SHEET (CM 183x213 h43 - INC 72”X84” Depth 17”) +2 PILLOWS (CM 51X84 - INC 20”X33”)


      KING (CM 269X234 - INC 106”X92”) 

      CALIFORNIA KING (CM264X254 - INC 104”X100”) 

      FULL/QUEEN (CM 229X229 - INC 91”X91”)

      TWIN (CM 173X218 - INC 68”X86”)


      TOP SHEET 

      KING (CM 290x290 - INC 115"x115”)

      CALIFORNIA KING (CM 270x320 - INC 106"X126”

      FULL/QUEEN  (CM 244x290 - INC 96"X114

      TWIN (CM 180x290 - INC 68”X86”)



      CAL KING (CM 183x213 h43 - INC 72”X84” Depth 17”)

      KING     (CM 200x203 h43 - INC 79”X80” Depth 17”)

      QUEEN (CM 155x203 h38 - INC 61”X80” Depth 15”)

      TWIN     (CM 100x190 h38 - INC 39”X75” Depth  15”)



      CALIFORNIA KING (CM 270x320 - INC 106”X126”)

      KING (CM 270x320 - INC 106”X126”)

      QUEEN (CM 241x305 - INC 95”X120”)

      TWIN (CM 180x280 - INC 71”X110”)



      KING (CM 51X91 - INC 20”X36”)

      STANDARD (CM 51X71 - INC 20”X28”)

      QUEEN (CM 51X66 - INC 20”x26)

      CONTINENTAL (CM 65x65 - INC 26”X26”)

      BOUDOIR CM (CM30x41 - INC 12”X16”)

      LONG BOUDOIR (CM 35X91 - INC 14”X36”)



      KING (CM 51x102 - INC 20”X40”)

      STANDARD (CM 51X84 - INC 20”X33”)

      STANDARD (CM 51x71 - INC 20”x28”)

      QUEEN (CM 51X66 - INC 20”x26)

      BOUDOIR CM (30x41 - INC 12”X16”)


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